resimac 202

Resimac 202 ceramic wear resistant coating – 1kg

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epoxy repair fluid for heavy abrasion and wear environments. The same properties as Belzona.

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Product Description

A two component solvent free epoxy repair fluid containing hardened ceramic particles. The product is ideal for resurfacing and protecting metallic surfaces subject to severe abrasion, wear and impact. The Resimac products are developed by technicians using the Belzona know how and quality. This is the best Belzona alternative on the market.
  • Solvent free
  • epoxy technology
  • Applied in 2 coats at 300-400microns per coat
  • Suitable for all metallic surfaces
  • No shrinkage
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Superior adhesion to metallic surfaces
  • High compressive strength once cured
  • Superior abrasion & wear resistance
  • Filled with hardened ceramic particles

This product can be used to rebuild damaged surfaces such as:

  • Eroded pump casings & impellers
  • Eroded filter surfaces
  • Corroded tube sheets, end plates & water boxes
  • Internal pipe surfaces & elbows
  • Eroded bow thruster tunnels & liners
  • Leading edge of rudders & A-frames