Crack repair set metal average temperature (120°C)

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Complete set to repair a crack in metal like a motor block. Temperature resistance : 120°C

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Product Description

Steel putty is an excellent product for repairing a crack in metal such as a motor block. Also great for cast iron. Temperature resistance: 120 ° C It is important to secure the crack by stainless steel mesh or staples. This absorbs the tensile strength. Kneadable putty metal only adheres to a well-pre-treated surface. Use the Loctite 7063 and coarse sandpaper for this. A leaflet with tips for working with epoxy will be added to the order. It explains how the crack can best be repaired step by step.

Crack repair set consisting of:

  • Weicon A , 500 gram
  • Cleaner Loctite 7063, 150 ml
  • Stainless steel strip, 10 cm x 50 xm
  • Sanding paper
  • Set of disposable gloves
  • Instructions crack repair
  • Leaflet tips for applying epoxy

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