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Loctite 3455 Poxymatix liquid aluminium putty – blister 24ml

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It is ideal for repair and bonding of Aluminium and light alloy parts. It cures at room temperature and can be sandblasted, machined, or tapped.

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Product Description

LOCTITE EA 3455 is a 2-component epoxy and a structural bonder. The product stands out through its low viscosity characteristics. It is very reliable  if you need to bond or repair aluminium or light alloy parts. Fully cured, the 2-component adhesive ensures high bond strength and is resistant to many organic and inorganic compounds.

Your Benefits:

  • High viscosity, good sag resistance
  • Repair and refurbishment of worn-out metal parts
  • Structural adhesive

Technical Data:

  • Colour: Grey
  • Working life: 40 min
  • Fixture time: 120 min
  • Service temperature range: -55 to +100°C
  • Tensile strength: 19 N/mm²
  • Peel strength: 1,5 N/mm
  • Mix ratio by volume: 1:1