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Flaw and Crackdetector system (Cleaner, Penetrant, Developer), 3 aerosols

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Consists of 3 products for the convenient non-destructive testing (NDT) of cracks and other surface flaws in metal components.

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Flaw & Crack Detector System is a fast, economical and reliable method of visual detection of all surface defects on metal parts during manufacture and also on operational components in-situ. Designed for use on all metals including titanium, nickel, stainless steel and aluminium, which require product to be formulated with low halogen and sulphur content (meets NDT tests of Welding Institute). No.1 is the cleaner. No.2 the penetrant. No.3 the developer.Ì_ Manufactured to comply with Military specifications DTD 929 and MIL-I-25135E groups I and II.